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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


9. Youth and the World

9.7 Current debates and reforms

At the moment, a new National Youth Programme 2018 – 2021 is being drawn up.

The Croatian National Development Strategy until 2030 – Croatia as We Wish It until 2030 defines developmental directions and strategic goals, elaborated in detail in short-term and medium-term national plans and plans for the development of local and regional units of self-administration. The drafting process and its adoption in the Croatian parliament by 2020, its implementation in 2021, as well as achieving the desired results by 2030, requires the engagement of all social and administrative levels in Croatia. The institutional framework for the drafting and implementation of the National Development Strategy is:

  • Management Committee
  • Executive workgroup
  • Information gathering and analytical background workgroup
  • Thematic workgroups
  • Ministries and other central governmental bodies
  • Units and bodies of local and regional self-administration

The drafting and implementation of the National Development Strategy will be executed by joint action of all relevant bodies and institutions on all levels of administration.