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Republic of North Macedonia

Republic of North Macedonia

9. Youth and the World

9.7 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 21 March 2024

In 2018, at the initiative of CSO Go Green, a working group for implementation of initiative Green jobs for youth was established. Members of the working group are representatives from the following governmental institutions: Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Employment Agency, Agency of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Education, Center for Vocational Education and Training.

The Center for Vocational Education and Training is proposing ‘Green jobs’ to be added in the National qualification frame as a special category. To this day there is still no available information about this process.

In 2014 The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning started with the IPA Project “Preparation of a long-term strategy and law on climate action” who had the purpose to carry out the necessary analyzes and assessments of the current situation and conditions in the beneficiary country in the framework of the preparation of a long-term strategy and the law on climate action and to support their adoption and implementation by 2020.

This project is finished and this are the results:

  • Conducted analysis that includes analytical and technical reports on specific strategic and legal issues that will serve as background data and contribution to the strategy and the law. Reports should be concise, targeted at policy makers, and focused on providing input to the strategy and the law.
  • Prepared Report on the assessment of the capacity, administrative and financial needs for the implementation of the strategy and the law, as well as the legal competencies of the government and executive bodies, with a conclusion on the strategy and the law.
  • Report on transposition guidelines and implementation of EU climate legislation, with recommendations for the legal framework to be established through the Climate Action Law.
  • Prepare a country report on climate change vulnerability, based on available studies, identifying priority adaptation / climate resilience objectives, including the research and decision-making framework, with conclusions relevant to the policies to be included in strategy and law.
  • Draft long-term strategy for climate action prepared.
  • Draft text of the law on climate action with bylaws prepared.
  • Prepared draft action plan for implementation of the initial phase of the strategy and the law.

In addition, there is no public information about when the Law is going to be implemented in the Republic of North Macedonia.