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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


2. Voluntary Activities

2.3 National strategy on youth volunteering

Existence of a National Strategy

In Malta there is no national Strategy on Youth Volunteering. However the principles of youth volunteering are incorporated the National Youth Policy Towards 2020 A shared Vision for the Future of Young People that came into effect in 2015. 


Scope and contents

This document proposes a set of cross-sectoral supports for young people that enhance their social participation, their learning and employment prospects. These cross-sectoral supports are made of a number of Action Plans. One such Action Plan is called Voluntary and Community Activities. This action plan is intended to develop and implement initiatives to enable young people to be active members of their local communities and take responsibility for the quality of community life and the local environment. It proposes actions that:

  • create opportunities for inter-generational awareness and dialogue through the active involvement of young and older people;
  • increase participation in Youth Local Councils;
  • increase awareness in historical, architectural and cultural heritage
  • engage more young people in the Youth Voluntary Scheme and the European Voluntary Service.


Responsible authority

The Governmental authority responsible for this action plan is the Ministry responsible for the Voluntary Sector – currently the Minister for Inclusion and Social Wellbeing under which the entities that regulate voluntary activities fall. Aġenzija Żgħażagħ – the National Youth Agency - has the overarching responsibility for promoting, coordinating and facilitating this Action Plan.


Revisions/ Updates

The concept of youth volunteering has always been part of the National Youth Policy Documents and was always given its due importance. However it was since the third revision of the national youth policy published in 2010 document that volunteering as a standalone concept was really highlighted. This is evident as in this third revision document 'Community Cohesion and Volunteering' became one of the main themes in the document. Volunteering started to be seen as a means of engaging young people and instill in them a sense of community. Also the experience gained through volunteering started to be recognised as an asset when such young people would enter the world of work. Such a direction was maintained in the latest version of the national youth policy published in 2015 within which Voluntary and Community Activities is one of the main Action Plans.

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