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EACEA National Policies Platform


2. Voluntary Activities

2.5 Cross-border mobility programmes

Last update: 6 January 2021
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  1. EU programmes
  2. Other Programmes
  3. Legal framework applying to foreign volunteers

EU programmes

Malta participates in Erasmus+ programme:  Mobility of Young People (Youth Exchanges and European Voluntary Service [EVS]) and Mobility of Youth Workers (Youth workers’ training and networking).


The European Union Programmes Agency uses statistics to measure the number of participants taking part in the different activities in terms of gender, young people with special needs and those with fewer opportunities.


The European Union Programmes Agency is in charge of organising and monitoring these EU programmes at national level.


Other Programmes

In 2016 the Youth Voluntary Work Scheme started supporting voluntary experience abroad for young people through locally registered voluntary organisations to carry out an international volunteer service in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America.


Legal framework applying to foreign volunteers


If the voluntary work to be conducted will be less than 3 months in total, a Visa will suffice. If the voluntary work will be longer than 3 months the following forms and documents are also needed:

Forms (can be downloaded from Identity Malta)

  • Form O – Application for a temporary residence permit
  • Form ID 1A – Identity Registration Form
  • Rental Declaration Form (applicable for applicants who are renting property in Malta)

Additional documents

  • Copy of the full passport, showing valid Visa stamps;
  • Original covering letter from an NGO to verify that they will host the young person (NGOs registered with the Voluntary Organisations Commissioner are given priority);
  • Proof of means of subsistence in the form of a recent local/foreign bank statement (Volunteers can be sponsored by family members or given a stipend by the NGO itself);
  • Evidence of a comprehensive health insurance policy which covers the applicant for any type of medical assistance or hospitalization which could be needed during the applicant’s stay in Malta.
  • Lease agreement showing the residential address of the applicant (the address will be visible on the residence permit which also serves the purpose of an identity document).