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2. Voluntary Activities

2.3 National strategy on youth volunteering

Last update: 30 March 2022
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  1. Existence of a National Strategy
  2. Scope and contents
  3. Responsible authority
  4. Revisions/ Updates

Existence of a National Strategy

There is no stand alone National Strategy on Youth Volunteering in Romania. Youth volunteering was one of the key areas of the Youth Strategy 2015-2020, as presented in the dedicated section 1.3 National youth strategy. The main elements concerning volunteering in the Youth Strategy have been focusing on informing the public and young people about volunteering, raising awareness and support for youth volunteering and improving the certification system of voluntary work.


Scope and contents

For volunteering the specific objectives of the Youth Strategy 2015-2020 were:

  1. Create an environment that fosters volunteering in Romania
  2. Improve the system of volunteer work certification and public recognition
  3. Raise public awareness of the importance of volunteer engagement


Responsible authority

The responsible authority for the promotion of youth volunteering was the Ministry of Youth and Sports until December 2021. Starting with January 2022 the responsibilities on youth have been transferred to the Ministry of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities.


Revisions/ Updates

In 2020 the Ministry of Youth and Sports started preparing the youth strategy 2021-2027. In December 2020 a needs assessment was provided by the Life Quality Institute to support the elaboration of the strategy in 2021. Additionally, the Youth Barometer 2020 was released with the same aim. Other than that, consultations with the Counties’ Directorates on Youth and Sport and with other governmental institutions with responsibilities in the field of youth were organized. Based on the outcomes of the research and the consultation processes and after consultation with the National Council for Youth, a preliminary proposal for the new Youth Strategy, in line with the European Youth Strategy, was published in 2021. A cooperation protocol with the Government’s General Secretariat was signed by the Ministry of Youth and Sport in order to be provided with additional support for the coordination of the development and adoption process of the new Youth Strategy. In 2022, the consultation processes with the governmental and non-governmental organisations will continue, aiming to have the final project adopted by the end of the year.