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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki
Republic of North Macedonia

Republic of North Macedonia

3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.4 Career guidance and counselling

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Career guidance and counselling services

An important and low-cost way of improving youth labor markets is to give guidance and information for young job seekers on education choices and employment opportunities. It helps youngsters to make a good decision when it comes to choosing their future occupations if it is based on information about professions and sectors with the best employment outlook. The Macedonian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, together with the ILO launched the Occupational Outlook website to provide easy access to this information. Occupational Outlook ( offers insight into 45 occupations that have positive job prospects in the medium term, such as bookkeeper, home caregiver or baker. By 2021, the tripartite working group producing the information for the website plans to increase the number of available occupations to 72. For each profession, the Outlook provides a job description, conditions of work (pay, work schedule, work environment, work hazards); education, training and work experience requirements, and job prospects.[1]

All young unemployed persons applying for the first time in the Employment Service Agency receive career guidance and employment counseling services to improve their capacities for finding employment in the labor market.

According to the Action Plan for Youth Employment 2016-2020 (Акциски план за вработување млади лица 2016-2020), until 2020, it is planned that at least 30% of the high school students and students enrolled in higher education will have access to carrier guidance and at least 30% of all youth registered youth in ESA will receive services for carrier guidance.

Starting in 2012, the Ministry of Education and Science in partnership with the Education Development Center from USA established career centers for career guidance to the students in 52 high schools throughout North Macedonia.[2] The career advisors organize individual sessions with high school students to provide further guidance based on the competences of the students. In order to enhance the career guidance system in the public high schools, the Ministry of Education and Science in partnership with USAID developed web application BIPO (Battery Instruments for Professional Orientation - that measures the interests of students. This application is available in Macedonian and Albanian language only.   


[2] (Accessed November 10, 2020)



According to Action Plan for Youth Employment 2016-2020, for achieving the Outcome 1.3 of the Action Plan- Young people have access to career development services, a budget of 2 million euros is foreseen. Ministry of Education and Science is expected to invest approximately 500.000 euros in integrating curriculum guidance in school, while the Employment Service Agency will invest approximately 1,5 million euros for providing information on the labor market and counselling and guidance services for young job seekers.

Career counseling programs for high school students are funded by USAID.

Quality assurance

No specific mechanisms to ensure the quality of services related to career guidance is in place.