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EACEA National Policies Platform
Republic of North Macedonia

Republic of North Macedonia

3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.10 Promotion of entrepreneurship culture

Last update: 30 March 2022
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  1. Special events and activities
  2. Networks and partnerships

Special events and activities

In North Macedonia events and activities for promotion of entrepreneurship are maintained on ad hoc basis. However, in recent years there has been an increase in activities in this field and also entrepreneurship is increasingly integrated into government documents and strategies. Namely, infrastructure for institutional support of entrepreneurship has been established through various initiatives within government ministries and government agencies to support the work of business incubators, regional centers and various networks of entrepreneurship support.


In that direction, the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development is more frequently organizing info events and workshops in order to promote the current projects and possibilities for financial support for newly founded start-up and spin-off companies. The Fund is also the institutional patron of the Social Impact Award North Macedonia. The Social Impact Award is a competition and an educational program to support entrepreneurial ideas among young people who have the potential to develop and implement innovative solutions to global problems. The aim is to increase the interest among young people for social entrepreneurship through the award and through it they will be able to understand the possibilities for developing their own career.


The Agency for Promotion of Entrepreneurship in the Republic of North Macedonia is a state owned institution established for implementation of the Governmental policies for small and medium enterprises and other related projects / programs adopted by the Government for support of entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness. 


The Strategic Plan 2019-2021 of the Agency for Promotion of Entrepreneurship of the Republic of North Macedonia envisages holding regional campaigns for raising the awareness of the availability of financial instruments for small and medium enterprises; promotional activities (fairs, workshops); training; career fairs and other activities. The timeframe for the realization of the activities is from 2019 to 2021 and for this purpose 41.670.000 MKD are foreseen. No specific activities to promote youth entrepreneurship in the field of social entrepreneurship are conducted with public funds. Promotion of the concept of social entrepreneurship is made by other non-public organizations and institutions that are active in the field.


In the working program of the Agency for 2021 (Програма за поддршка на претприемништвото, конкурентноста и иновативноста на малите и средните претпријатија во 2021 година) there are some activities and budget particularly intended for youth. Thus, the program foreseen 200,000 MKD for workshops for promotion of entrepreneurship and raising awareness for entrepreneurship among youth, as well as development of entrepreneurial spirit and culture for opening of the personal business. The program also foresees 250.000 MKD for realization of 8 training courses for young people, for development of a Business Plan.

Networks and partnerships

Youth entrepreneurship support network is a European network composed of civil society organizations working to encourage youth entrepreneurship. The network works on building capacities and networking of civil society organizations, promotion of activities and initiatives for strengthening of the youth in order to increase the efficiency of the members of the network.

They help their members fulfill their mission by increasing their capacities for effectively running their organizations. They also provide specialist consultancy services for the members involved in youth entrepreneurship, through development and change processes, which can involve strategy development and program design.