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Republic of North Macedonia

Republic of North Macedonia

10. Youth work

10.2 Administration and governance of youth work

Last update: 21 March 2024
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  1. Governance
  2. Cross-sectoral cooperation


Main actors:

Main governmental authority involved in policy-making on youth work is the Agency of Youth and Sport, while also very important governmental actor is the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

The main non-public actor who is taking part in the development of policies in the field of youth work is the Union for Youth Work  which is a network of youth work providers: youth organizations and organizations working with and for youth whose mission is to regulate and standardize youth work, support youth workers and raise public awareness of the importance of youth work.

Cross-sectoral cooperation

The process of recognition and establishment of the youth work in the Republic of North Macedonia is at the very beginning. Currently, the cooperation is between the Agency of Youth and Sport, Municipalities (Local Self-Governance) and the Union for Youth Work. Moreover, for the purposes of establishment and recognition of youth work, the Agency of Youth and Sport and Union for Youth Work signed Memorandum for cooperation

In order to realize the right to free organization, as well as easier access to information that is of interest to young people, the Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies provided for the establishment of a youth officer in all organs of the state administration, as well as in municipalities and in the city of Skopje. In every state and local institution there is a responsible person or youth officer who is responsible for the operation of the Youth Office for coordinating, implementing and monitoring issues of interest to young people within the scope of competence of the institution itself.

Youth officers prepare annual reports on the work of institutions in the field of youth, which they submit to the Agency for Youth and Sports and publish them on the websites of state administration bodies, municipalities, the municipalities in the city of Skopje and to the city of Skopje.