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Republic of North Macedonia

Republic of North Macedonia

4. Social Inclusion

4.7 Youth work to foster social inclusion

Last update: 28 November 2023
On this page
  1. Policy/legal framework
  2. Main inclusive Youth-Work programmes and target groups
  3. Youth work providers in the field of social inclusion for young people
  4. Training and support for youth workers engaged in social inclusion programmes
  5. Financial support
  6. Quality assurance

Policy/legal framework

In the Standard of Profession (Стандард на занимање) approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in 2018, the youth work is formally recognized as separate profession. According the standard, the youth worker plans, organizes, implements, monitors and evaluates activities, prepares instruments and researches; designs programs and youth projects according to their needs; takes care of the quality of youth work and contributes to the development of effective, efficient and ethical practice; trains; teaches; mentors and advises young people in the direction of helping personal and social development and their active participation in the community; informs young people; lobbies and advocates for change which facilitate and assist the personal and social development of young people and enable their active participation in the community, organizes youth exchanges, festivals, campaigns, events, youth education camps within the youth organization, youth cultural centers, youth clubs, non-governmental organizations, etc.         

Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies (Закон за младинско учество и младински политики) defines youth workers as qualified persons who have the competencies to work with young people by implementing activities that support their personal and social development through informal and informal learning.

National Youth Strategy 2016-2025, in thematic area Local Youth Work emphasizes the importance of youth work and defines it as an organized and systematic process of authentic development of young people with the aim of fulfilling their overall personal, social and civic potential.

Main inclusive Youth-Work programmes and target groups

In addition to recognizing youth work as a special profession in North Macedonia, youth organizations are organizing different educational events targeting all young people in the country.

Youth work providers in the field of social inclusion for young people

CSO’s, especially youth organizations, are working on promotion of social inclusion among youth. Basically, they are the main providers.

Training and support for youth workers engaged in social inclusion programmes

The Union for Youth Work launched a call for participants for the training programme dedicated to youth workers, in compliance with the National Standard of Profession and first of its kind in North Macedonia. The training cycle took place from December 2020 to April 2021. In June 2021 after the successful completion of the program, 14 Youth Workers were certified in a ceremony organized by Agency for Youth and Sports and Union for Youth Work. A new cohort of Youth Workers will be certified by the end of 2022.

Furthermore, many young people working in youth organizations are participating in training for youth workers abroad.

Financial support

Concrete activities supporting youth in different fields are financed by the budget (ex. Youth Guarantee, active employment measures, educational scholarships) and also from international and national donors. This financial support is for concrete youth policies and not for youth work as a professional orientation.

Quality assurance