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8. Creativity and Culture

8.7 Fostering the creative use of new technologies

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. New technologies in support of creativity and innovation
  2. Facilitating access to culture through new technologies

New technologies in support of creativity and innovation

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport adopted the Strategic Guidelines for Further Introduction of ICT in Slovenian Educational Institutions by 2020 (Strateške usmeritve nadaljnjega uvajanja IKT v slovenske VIZ do leta 2020) in January 2016. These guidelines call for fostering creativity and innovation, and in this context, the use of new technologies is a key factor in creating new value. The guidelines further rely on European Commission projects such as:


No lines of public funding devoted to support further introduction of ICT are specified in the document. However, chapter 8 of the Organisation and Financing of Education Act (Zakon o organizaciji in financiranju vzgoje in izobraževanja), the main act in the field of basic training and education, envisages the systematic financing of elementary education.


Facilitating access to culture through new technologies

The National Programme on Culture 2014–2017 (Nacionalni program za kulturo 2014-2017) envisages the following measures:

  • better conditions for collecting, accessing and permanently preserving Slovenian written cultural heritage in libraries in classical and digital forms
  • increased availability of specialised public library services and their higher quality
  • a higher level of protection and accessibility of archival material and
  • whole topics intended for digitisation:
  • The aim is to digitise and store digital content from the field of culture, which is among the basic tasks of public institutions in the field of cultural heritage.
  • The following measures are being taken:
    • a continuous increase in the scope and online accessibility of digital content in the field of culture
    • digital preservation and public online availability of contemporary works
  • Co-funding for the digitisation amounts to up to 6 million EUR for both measures plus additional funds if available