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10. Youth work

10.2 Administration and governance of youth work

Last update: 13 July 2021
  • Main legal document in relation to Youth Work in Turkey is the Decree Law on the Organisation and Duties of the Ministry of Youth and Sports dated 03/06/2011 and youth work in Turkey is regulated in several other documents and legal texts based on this main legal document. After the adoption of new governmental system, with the issuing of Presidential Decree 1 dated 10/07/2018, the foundation and tasks of the Ministry of Youth and Sports have been restructred anew.

  • The most general framework concerning the youth work in Turkey is shaped with the undertakings for protection of youth in the Constitution (Article 58 “Protection of Youth” of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey); with the Decree Law on Organisation and Duties of the Ministry of Youth and Sports youth work in Turkey was explained on the basis of certain approaches. The Presidential Decree representing the new foundational law of the Ministry of Youth and Sports retains the same principles and approaches. Components of youth work and duties based on these approaches include supporting personal and social development of the youth, improving services provided to the youth, ascertaining procedure and principles of youth work, supervising projects aimed at the youth, providing inter-institutional coordination carrying out works regarding the youth and enhancing opportunities for youth participation.

  • Turkish National Agency which is responsible for Erasmus + Program is an important component of youth work in Turkey. It runs the program that covers grant support in the field of education, youth and sports of the European Union. 

Cross-sectoral cooperation

Main actor and provider of the Youth Work in Turkey is the Ministry of Youth and Sports. By means of the programmes and projects directly carried out by the central organisation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports as well as the projects and activities carried out by the Provincial Directorates of Youth Services and Sport and the Youth Centres on the local level, the Ministry is the main organisation which provides youth work for the entire Turkish youth. In addition, the Ministry of National Education is also an important organisation which provides youth work and provides significant contribution in strengthening the youth by way of formal and non-formal education opportunities. Furthermore, İŞKUR  (Turkish Employment Agency) with the trainings and measures regarding youth employment and KOSGEB (Small and Medium Business Development and Support Administration)  with its incentives regarding youth entrepreneurship are considered as the secondary components of the youth work.