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Bosnia and Herzegovina

6. Education and Training

6.8 Media literacy and safe use of new media

Last update: 28 November 2023

National strategy

BiH currently do not have a strategy solely devoted to media literacy and safe use of new media.

Media literacy and online safety through formal education

Media literacy does not exist as a subject in elementary schools in BiH but, at least formally, some subjects foresee discussions on topics related to so-called media education.

Most of the planned media topics in the common core curricula for elementary schools in the FBiH are part of the subject of Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian Language.

The internet is studied in computer science class. As for high school, the subject of Democracy and Human Rights covers the topics of freedom of expression and role of media in democracy, two hours each.

The relevant Ministries of Education of the Sarajevo Canton have been successfully cooperating with the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Sarajevo for a number of years on the development and implementation of media and information literacy in educational institutions in the area of the Canton of Sarajevo.

Through various educations and workshops, the Government of the Canton of Sarajevo made a significant step forward in 2022 by adopting the Strategy for the Development of Media and Information Literacy in the Education Systems of the Canton of Sarajevo.

Promoting media literacy and online safety through non-formal and informal learning

According to promoting media literacy and online safety through non-formal and informal learning as well as raising awareness about the risks posed by new media, contained in the Sarajevo Canton Strategy.

The goals outlined in the Strategy will be realized through action plans, which will be prepared by the end of the current year.

Raising awareness about the risks posed by new media

Media literacy is not part of educational curricula from an early age. Despite the increasing

development of new technologies and the growing role played by media in society, there is no adequate public discussion of issues related to media literacy.

Even when there are debates and initiatives, they do not include many stakeholders such as representatives of competent ministries, regulatory bodies, industry, academic community, or the NGO sector Assessment of the media sector in BiH final report August 2016.