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6. Education and Training

6.7 Skills for innovation

Last update: 28 November 2023

Innovation in formal education

The Guidelines for Inclusive Education provides an overview of laws and secondary legislation relevant to inclusive education, as well as guidelines for the further development of inclusive upbringing and of education.

The BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs developed Guidelines for the improvement of online teaching and combined teaching for educational systems in BiH in the context of quality (and) inclusive formal education.

RS started the education reform in 2019 for the purpose of modernization and adaptation to the needs of the labor market. The reform will include digitization of educational materials and procurement of IT equipment for 500 schools.

Fostering innovation through non-formal and informal learning and youth work

  1. Main inclusive non-formal and informal programs

CoderDojo, an initiative at the BiH level organized by the IT association

Bit Alliance free CoderDojo programming school at 16 locations in 11 cities (Sarajevo, Sokolac, Travnik, Banja Luka, Gracanica, Tuzla, Maglaj, Zenica, Mostar, Konjic and East Sarajevo). So far there has been over 700 primary and secondary school students in BiH attending a free coding program. The school is organized continuously and provides a mentoring program with partner companies on a voluntary basis, which helps children and young people master programming languages.

IT Academy, online and distance learning

The IT Academy is a training institution located in FBiH and RS. It is an online learning platform that provides a wide range of certified programs for online and distance learning, through 6 main departments with 31 areas: classic Internet programming, training for 24 software tools, administration, complex networks, IT business and mobile application development.

  1. Main inclusive Youth Work programs

PRONI Academy of Youth Work

The PRONI Academy of Youth Work (PAOR) is a unique program of the PRONI Centre for Youth Development that provides young people with knowledge in the field of youth work. The goal of this program is to empower activists and youth workers to improve their skills for conducting youth work activities. The PRONI Academy of Youth Work is implemented in three levels and each last six months:

PAOR A level - Basics of youth work consists of the following modules:

The Fundamentals of Youth Work course aims to provide young people with basic knowledge in the field of youth work in order to contribute to the personal and social development of young people in BiH. The course is intended for young people aged 18 to 30 who have a desire to influence various socio-political processes in their communities through youth work, and thus contribute to the development of their local communities, but also the state of BiH.

UMiD - Learn, think and act!

One-year training program for youth leaders for active involvement in the community and the business world. The Institute for Youth Development KULT conducts certified training of youth leaders "Learn, think and act!", which, among other things, offers participants the opportunity to gain self-confidence, see their abilities and potentials and develop a sense of responsibility in society and teamwork and leadership skills.

Institute for Youth and Community Development Perpetuum mobile - Academy for Political Leaders in BiH

The Academy for Political Leaders in BiH is a one-year training program that the Institute has been successfully implementing since 2007. So far, 199 young politicians from 30 different political parties from 46 cities and municipalities in BiH have completed the ten-generation training program.

  1. Public funding

The BD Department for Professional and Administrative Affairs publishes the Public Call aimed at financing and co-financing programs or projects of public interest in the field of social protection, protection of persons with disabilities, social care for children and youth, assistance to the elderly, protection and promotion of human rights, volunteering, combating discrimination, domestic violence and juvenile violence, the fight against addiction, animal welfare, consumer protection, the fight against corruption, the promotion of European integration as well as humanitarian and similar work.

The total value of funds allocated for financing or co-financing programs or projects of public interest under this public call is determined by the 2022 BD Budget. Current support to non-profit organizations amounts to 200,000.00 BAM. Results of co-financing youth programs and projects of youth organizations published

The Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports in the RS Government has announced the results of the competition for co-financing programs and projects of youth organizations up to 5,000.00 BAM. A total of 78 projects were approved, which were co-financed in the total amount of 300,000.00 BAM. A total of 23 youth organizations from Banja Luka received funds for the implementation of their projects.

Public competition for the allocation of funds from the grant "Programs for the preparation of projects and potential candidates for funds from the H2020 fund" for 2020

By its Decision, the BiH Council of Ministers allocates funds for co-financing projects that contribute to the development of science and innovation in BiH, and contribute to the implementation of strategic documents and international obligations in the field of science in BiH, through:

a) Support for the preparation of projects for open ongoing calls within the HORIZON 2020 program and the implementation of approved projects within the HORIZON 2020 program;

b) Support for participation in actions within the COST program;

c) Support for the preparation and implementation of projects within the EUREKA program;

d) Support to projects that contribute to a higher level of success of BiH's participation in the HORIZON 2020 program;

e) Support to the work of the EURAXESS centre. Public call for selection of programs and projects to be co-financed from the FBiH Budget for 2022 transfers. The FBiH Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced a public call for the selection of programs and projects to be co-financed from the FBiH Budget for 2022 transfers.