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Bosnia and Herzegovina

1. Youth Policy Governance

1.4 Youth policy decision-making

Last update: 28 November 2023

The decision-making processes at national level are in jurisdiction of the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Commission for Coordination of Youth Issues in BiH. The Parliament Commission in charge of youth issues is the Joint Committee on Human Rights, Rights of Children, Youth, Immigration, Refugees, Asylum and Ethics. The Joint Committee addresses issues in the domain of human rights, the rights of children, youth, immigration, refugees, asylum and ethics.

The RS Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport is the RS Government decision-making authority. The RS People's Assembly Committee for Children, Youth and Sport deals with legislative proposals, strategies, information, reports and annual work plans of national authorities and organizations, which are responsible for the field of youth policy, sport and protect the rights and interests of children and youth, discusses the position of young people in society, reviews the protection of the rights of children and young people, follows the development of sports and physical culture, works to promote the rights and interests of the child. At the RS level there is the Youth Council, which is composed of several members (ministers in the RS government, RS Youth Council and representatives of the Committee for Youth Affairs of the RS People's Assembly). The Council, within the scope of the paper, proposes and gives opinions on:  objectives, policies and measures proposed in the field of youth policy; programs financed from the RS Budget and local governments; youth activities that are the priority for RS and local governments, the criteria for allocation of funds from the RS Budget and local governments, dedicated for the implementation of youth policies.

The Federal Ministry of Culture and Sport is the FBiH government decision-making authority. The House of Peoples' Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs, amongst other responsibilities, addresses the planning and development programs in the field of education, science, culture, sports and technical culture and the issues of protection of children and young people and their participation in all sectors of society, as well as the protection of children and youth from all forms of addiction, and other issues related to education, science, culture, sports and life of young people under the jurisdiction of the House of Peoples.

The Commission for Coordination of Youth Issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina is responsible for the confirmation of their basic principles and for the coordination of activities of all groups of significance to the promotion and protection of the roles and position of young people in BiH with the aim of improving their living conditions, and also for the international representation of issues related to youth in BiH.

The topics of the Commission are to bring about, in concordance with the authorities of relevant institutions: confirming the basic principles of the coordination of activities related to youth; harmonizing plans of entity bodies of government in connection to youth; defining strategies at international level regarding youth; analysing youth issues in BiH; coordinating youth projects; gathering and distributing information in the youth sector.

A National Youth Agency does not exist in BiH.