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Bosnia and Herzegovina

3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.10 Promotion of entrepreneurship culture

Last update: 24 August 2022

The largest entrepreneurial network active in BiH is the European Entrepreneurship Network (EEN). The EEN Network was established in 2009 in BiH, just one year after it was established in the EU. It was created within the European project of the Euro-info correspondent centre in BiH.

Since 2015, there have been two EEN consortia in BiH: the EEN consortium in FBiH and the EEN consortium in RS.

The EEN network consortium in FBiH consists of:

  1. BiH Foreign Trade Chamber
  2. Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA
  3. University of Sarajevo
  4. INTERA Technology Park Mostar
  5. BIT Centre Tuzla
  6. Zenica Development Agency ZEDA
  7. Development Agency of Una-Sana Canton RA-USK

The EEN network in FBiH does not put a direct focus on young entrepreneurs through its activities, but encourages the development of entrepreneurship, their education, and seeks to improve the economic position of the region and support individuals to realize their entrepreneurial potential by providing adequate knowledge, skills and initial resources through its members and partners., The unemployed young persons, but also people with many years of business experience, are continuously educated through INTERA Technology Park Mostar in order to better follow the trends and survive in the modern business world.

On the other hand, the BIT Centre Tuzla aims to enable young promising professionals and entrepreneurs to establish and develop their business in the field of information and communication technologies. There are three types of companies / projects supported through the BIT Centre, and they are: "Idea development" (projects), "Start-up" companies and companies with growth and development potential.

The EEN network consortium in RS consists of:

  1. RS Development Agency
  2. RSChamber of Commerce
  3. Innovation Centre Banja Luka
  4. University of East Sarajevo
  5. University of Banja Luka

The EEN network in RS also does not place a direct focus on young entrepreneurs, but the RS Development Agency is responsible for, among other things, providing support for the development of youth entrepreneurship.