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Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Participation

5.5 National strategy to increase youth participation

Last update: 25 August 2022

Existence of a national strategy to increase young people's political and civil society participation:

There is no specific national strategy on youth participation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an overarching public document, an action plan, or a set of official documents integrating the major directions to be followed in the organization of policymaking at national level.

  • The type of official document in the national system (e.g. parliament's bill, government's decree, framework law, etc.):  N/A
  • The time of introduction and timeframe: N/A

Scope and contents

  • The level of participation (national/regional/local) the strategy aims to address: N/A
  • A brief summary of the main elements of the strategy: N/A
  • Key objectives set by the strategy: N/A
  • Specific target groups within the youth population identified by the strategy, whose participation should be particularly fostered (e.g. young people with a migrant background): N/A

Responsible authority for the implementation of the strategy

  • The government authority (e.g. a ministry, a national youth agency, the government as a whole, etc.) responsible for the implementation, coordination and monitoring of the strategy: N/A
  • Whether any evidence-based monitoring/assessment/evaluation of the implementation of the strategy has been conducted and, if applicable, its main results. N/A

Revisions/updates: N/A