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Last update: 28 November 2023

Youth: Youth are all people between 14-35 years old.

Youth Board of Cyprus: The Youth Board of Cyprus is the government’s agency established to address youth issues. The Youth Board of Cyprus is a semi-governmental organisation under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture. It was established as a Legal Entity of Public Law in 1994. According to the Youth Board Law, the administrative board of the Youth Board of Cyprus shall advise, through the Minister of Education and Culture, the Council of Ministers about the configuration of a comprehensive and specialized policy on youth matters.

Council of Ministers: The Council of Ministers is the executive branch of the Cypriot government, consisting of ministers. The council is chaired by the President of Cyprus and the ministers head executive departments of the government. The President and ministers administer the government and the various public services.

The Cyprus Problem: Cyprus was proclaimed an independent State, The Republic of Cyprus, on 16 August 1960, based on the Zurich-London Agreements between United Kingdom, Greece and Turkey, which were signed by the Greek -Cypriot and the Turkish - Cypriot Communities.

The 1960 constitution has provisions to ensure a balance of power between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities. In 1963 the Turkish Cypriot members of the Parliament left their seats for ever, since conflicts arose.

On July 1974, claiming to act under article 4 of the Treaty of Guarantee, the Turkish armed forces staged a full scale invasion against Cyprus. Turkey proceeded to occupy the northern part of the island and empty it from its Greek inhabitants. By the end of the following year the majority of the Turkish Cypriots living in the areas left under the control of the Republic had also made their way to the part of Cyprus occupied by the Turkish army. The situation remains the same since then.

Gross Enrolment Ratio: the Gross Enrolment Ratio for a given level of education is derived by dividing the total number of pupils at this level regardless of age, by the population of the age group which according to national regulations should be enrolled at this level.