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8. Creativity and Culture

8.3 National strategy on creativity and culture for young people

Last update: 29 January 2024

Existence of a national strategy 

There is no comprehensive strategy in Slovakia in the area of culture and creativity focused on youth. 

The area of development of youth culture and creativity is partially covered by several legislative documents: 

Scope and contents 

  1. The Strategy of the Development of Culture focuses on 7 strategic areas of concern: 

  • education and training for the formation of cultural needs, 

  • preservation and accessibility of the cultural heritage, 

  • supporting original art works, 

  • financing of culture, 

  • the use of creativity and culture in the economic development of Slovakia, 

  • research in the field of culture, 

  • presentations of the national culture abroad. 

For young people, the most relevant area is education and training for the formation of cultural needs: 

  • it maintains the cooperation between cultural institutions and educational institutions in cultural education in accordance with the State Educational Programme. 

  • the priority is to improve the support for Primary Art Schools, 

  • the support for out-of-school activities focused on culture, 

  • the support of a system of interest activities focused on arts and culture. 

The aim is to increase the demand for valuable culture by strengthening the cultural needs of children and youth. 


Vision and Strategy of Development of Slovakia up to 2030 reflects the need for building the cultural literacy, which corresponds with the competence of the cultural awareness and expression, which is necessary for active citizenshio, cooperation and for respecting one's own cultural identity and other cultures. The potential of the Slovak Republic is represented by a dense network of small cultural institutions, the involvement of individuals and communities and the extraordinary richness and diversity of cultural heritage. 

Responsible authority for the implementation of the strategy 

  • The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and its organizations and institutions 

  • Authorities of self-governing regions, 

  • Churches and religious communities, 

  • The Ministry of Education, Research, Development and Youth of the Slovak Republic. 


The Strategy of the Development of Culture did not undergo revisions/updates since its first introduction.