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Last update: 29 March 2023

Agency of Youth Affairs (JRA) - is the institution responsible for the implementation of youth policy; JRA's mission is to create and ensure the most favorable conditions for the implementation of youth policy based on the needs of young people, by initiating and supporting the cooperation of different institutions.

Council of youth organizations of the municipality - is a youth organization whose main activity is to unite youth organizations operating in the territory of the municipality and to represent them.

Foreign Lithuanian youth organization - a legal entity, other organization or their branch, representative office established in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the country of residence to represent the youth and/or the interests of the youth, with at least 2/3 of the members being foreign Lithuanian youth.

International volunteer programme - the programme implemented in compliance with the international obligations assumed by the Republic of Lithuania and specifying the conditions for volunteer participation, organising and financing of voluntary activities.

Host organization is a non-profit legal entity registered in the Republic of Lithuania (an organizer of a voluntary service) that is capable of facilitating the development of volunteers in a personal or professional area and ensuring their support. 

Lithuanian Qualifications Framework – a system of levels of qualifications set in the Republic of Lithuania and based on the competences necessary for person’s activities.

Lithuanian youth council - a youth organisation the principal purpose whereof is to unite youth organisations of Lithuania and to represent them.

National youth council - a youth organisation the principal purpose whereof is to unite youth organisations of Lithuania and to represent them.

Organization providing voluntary services (SVO, savanorystės organizacija)  is an accredited non-governmental organization operating in the Republic of Lithuania, which can provide volunteer participation in volunteering activities, co-operation with the Host Organizations, provide methodological support to the Host Organizations for the assessment and evaluation of competencies acquired by the volunteer during volunteering. 

Organisation working with youth - a public legal person one of the purposes whereof is youth-oriented activity which meets their needs.

Regional youth council - a youth organisation the principal purpose whereof is to unite the youth organisations functioning in a territorial administrative unit of the Republic of Lithuania and to represent them.

Socially excluded young people – young persons rom families, that are socially vulnerable; young persons from families whose parental rights are limited; from orphanages or living in rural areas; young persons who are children of migrant workers and immigrants; young persons who are children of ethnic minorities; young people with any physical or mental disabilities; young persons who are not in education and not employed.

The nascent entrepreneurship rate - the proportion of the adult population (age 18 to 64) that are actively involved in setting up a business they will own or co-own; this business has not paid salaries, wages or any other payments to the owners for more than three months (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor)

The new business ownership rate - the proportion of the adult population that are currently an owner-manager of a new business that has paid salaries, wages or any other payments to the owners for more than three months, but not more than 42 months (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor).

Volunteer is a young person who performs gratis activities for the benefit of society in the host organization.

Volunteering  - socially useful activities carried out by a volunteer free of charge, the conditions whereof are set by an agreement between the volunteer and volunteer organiser.

Young person - a person between the ages of 14 and 29.

Youth entrepreneurship – activities of youth related with identification and implementation of new opportunities in the labour market.

Youth initiative - youth activity designed to meet youth needs.

Youth organization -a public organisation or association registered in the manner prescribed by laws and other legal acts, in which young people or public youth organisations or associations comprise not less than 2/3 of its members.

Youth policy - a purposeful activity intended to resolve youth problems and to seek to create favourable conditions for the formation of the personality of a young person and his integration into public life, as well as an activity which has the purpose of achieving understanding and tolerance of society and individual groups thereof towards young people.

Youth project - a purposeful activity of a group of young people or a youth organisation which is determined by the time limits of preparation and implementation, purposes, sources of financing, authors and the persons responsible for the implementation of the project.

Youth-friendly health care services – a set health care services satisfying the needs of youth, which covers the services of treatment and prevention (including monitoring) of diseases and consulting services (also on social matters), including health education and training adapted to the needs of youth, and complies with the criteria defined by the World Health Organisation (free or affordable, with easy registration or without registration, short waiting time; non-discriminating; guaranteeing confidentiality and privacy; meeting the needs of physical, social and psychological health and development of each young person; services should be rendered by competent staff; safe environment meeting the needs of young people).

Youth work - an activity aimed at conditions for a young person to get involved in personal, professional and social activities, to develop and develop his competences.

World Union of Lithuanian Youth - an organization of foreign Lithuanian youth whose main goal is to unite foreign Lithuanian youth organizations and represent them on a global scale.