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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.1 Target population of youth policy

Last update: 5 March 2024

The lower and higher age limits of the young population are specified in the Law on Youth Policy Framework as follows: A young person is a person between the ages of 14 and 29 (Article 2).


The following sub-groups within the main youth age group are established in relation to specific policy measures in the same Law on Youth Policy Framework: 


1) Youth with fewer opportunities - youth who do not have the same conditions as their peers to develop their competencies and activities, because they live in unfavourable conditions or experience social, economic, educational, cultural, geographical difficulties, have a disability and/or health problems;


2) Inactive young persons - young persons who do not study, do not work under an employment contract or independently, do not have other legal relationships equivalent to employment, do not perform unpaid employment activities, or is not looking for work;


3) Foreign Lithuanian youth - the youth of Lithuanian origin living in foreign countries.