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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.1 Target population of youth policy

Last update: 21 March 2024

According to National Youth and Sports Policy Document (Ulusal Gençlik ve Spor Politikası Belgesi) which is drawn up based on the article 18 of the Legislative Decree Number 638 on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Dated 03/06/2011 and passed on with the Cabinet Decision dated 26/11/2012 and No 2012/4242 and took effect after being published on the Official Gazette dated 27/01/2013 and No 28541; individuals in the 14-29 age range are defined as “young”. In that respect, the target population of youth policies in Turkey is assumed to be individuals in 14-29 age range.

According to 2023 data of the Turkey Statistics Institution:

  • Population of Turkey is 85.372.377.
  • 44% of the population (37.726.733) is younger than 30.
  • 24% of the population (20.689.805) consists of young people in 14-29 age range.