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10. Youth work

10.4 Quality and innovation in youth work

Last update: 1 July 2024

Quality assurance

Youth Work belongs to the framework of non-formal and informal learning. However, there is no quality assurance framework at the moment, as the concept of Youth Work and Youth Worker is not institutionalized. Considering that it is classified as non-formal learning, the competent body for quality assurance will be the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (E.O.P.P.E.P.). Through the National Qualifications Framework (see Section 6.4 ), Lifelong Learning is conducted attractive and the qualifications obtained from learning pathways, including non-formal and informal learning, are assessed, validated, recognized and ranked at the levels of the National Qualifications Framework.


Research and Evidence supporting Youth Work

In the framework of the actions of the European Year of Youth, the General Secretariat of Vocational Education, Training and Lifelong Learning organized an online event on  “Youth Work: the road to recognition”. In this event, suggestions were presented regarding the Greek reality as well as the European dimension of the profession of working with/for young people and government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private and university sectors came together in a friendly environment. 

The existence of any budget for Youth Work concerns the framework of the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 program and specifically the main actions 1 and 2.


Participative Youth Work

The  Local Youth Councils are a structure for active participation of young people. They consist of young people, aged between 16-30 years old, who come from 8 European countries and are involved in democratization and climate action. Their mission is to convey the voice of young people by formulating policy proposals addressed to decision-makers at local, regional, national and European level, with the aim of pushing Europe towards a more sustainable future, and therefore succeeding in making a positive impact in climate change. 

The Local Youth Council of Athens as well as the Local Youth Council of Thessaloniki were established within the framework of the YOUROTRIP project, which is a European project, implemented with funding from the Erasmus+ program, "Supporting policy reforms - European Youth Together". In this project, various actions were organized, and a policy document was developed regarding the climate and more 


"Smart" youth work: youth work in a digital world

Through the Erasmus+ program for youth, the following educational seminars are held: 

  • Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): designed for youth workers and trainers from all over Europe, who are involved in non-formal learning and are willing to learn about digital Youth Work. It takes place online with the ZOOM and Canvas platforms. 

The objectives of the seminar are: 

o Providing knowledge about digital Youth Work in Europe 

o Supporting the development of digital Youth Work through examples of good practices and the provision of practical tools o Supporting the exchange of good practices on digital Youth Work 

o Connecting organizations and individuals interested in the development of digital Youth Work 

o are youth leaders, youth workers, trainers, facilitators and trainers in the youth sector 

o represent youth organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and youth centers from higher education organizations 

o are interested in developing Youth Work methods and tools in digital skills 

o are involved in youth projects to develop youth employment and entrepreneurship 

Moreover, the European Solidarity Corps supports the political priorities of the European Union and mobilizes young people. In particular, the program supports the digital transition through projects and activities that strengthen digital skills and promote digital literacy. 

Finally, in the new phase of the Lifelong Learning Centers program supervised by I.NE.DI.VI.M., training programs in new technologies will be provided.