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10. Youth work

10.4 Quality and innovation in youth work

Last update: 8 January 2021
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  1. Quality assurance
  2. Research and evidence supporting Youth Work
  3. Participate Youth Work
  4. Smart youth work: youth work in the digital world

Taking into account the dynamics in the youth field and the need for a competence framework guiding the youth policies in Bulgaria, from 2018 the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria has developed a project under the Operational Programme for the Development of Human Resources. The main objective is to improve the accessibility, effectiveness and quality of youth services by developing, implementing and validating quality standards and developing objective performance indicators, taking into account the final result for the young person.  The project officially started as from 1st July 2019. The first stage of the project was research and report on the needs of Bulagrian Youth and also included report on the good rpactices in the European Union and beyond. As part of the research Онлайн проучванеВ изпълнение на проект „Разработване и внедряване на стандарти за качество при предоставянето на младежки услуги в България” (online research part of the project “developing ad implementing of standarts for quality youth services in Bulgaria) available in Bulgarian landuage was produced. In December 2019, the second phase of the project is still undergoing. It will develop standards for youth services ensuring the quality in delivering services leading to real knowledge, skills and competences, building an effective system for evaluation and control. By establishing a long-term and unified organisation, the project will introduce flexible models of funding and evaluating youth services. Validation of standards and their implementation in the legal framework regulating services will be provided to young people aged 15 to 29 and will improve the processes of planning, management and updating of youth policies. After a process of approbation with the participation of all stakeholders the standards will be available for youth services.