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Last update: 28 November 2023

Legislation and official policy documents

Youth Policy Governance

The Italian Constitution

Basilicata RegionRegional law 11/2000, concerning the recognition and promotion of the role of the young generations in society (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Campania RegionRegional law 26/2016, relating to the establishment of youth Policies and youth Forums in Campania (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Emilia Romagna RegionRegional law 14/2008, related to Youth policies (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Friuli Venezia Giulia RegionRegional law 5/2012, related to youth autonomy and the Guarantee Fund for youth opportunities (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Lazio RegionRegional law 20/2007 , related to the promotion of youth participation in political and administrative life (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Liguria RegionRegional law 6/2009, related to the promotion of children and youth policies (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Marche RegionRegional law 24/2011, on youth policies (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Bolzano Autonomous ProvinceProvincial law 13/1983, relating to the creation of a bureau for youth services (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Trento Autonomous Province: Provincial laws 5/2007 relating to the development, coordination and promotion of youth policies; the provincial civic service (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Trento Autonomous Province: Provincial laws 7/2009, relating to the Provincial Youth Council (In 2018, Provincial law 8/2008 modified some provisions of the previous legislation on youth) (last accessed 17/02/2020). 

Piemonte RegionRegional law 6/2019, regarding new legislation on youth policies (last accessed 17/02/2020). 

Sardegna RegionRegional law 11/1999, relating to initiatives and coordination of activities for youth (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Sicilia RegionRegional law 6/2019, relating to youth policies, the establishment of a Regional Youth Forum and a Regional Observatory on Youth Policies (last accessed 17/02/2020). 

Law 451/1997 that established National Observatory on Childhood and Adolescence (last accessed 17/02/2020). 

The National Action and Intervention Plan (Piano d'Azione Nazionale) for the protection of the rights of children / young people from 0 to 18 years drawn up by the National Observatory on Childhood and Adolescence (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Decree-Law 223/2006, art. 19, paragraph 2, which established the National Fund for Youth Policies (last accessed 17/02/2020). 

(AII) Adriatic Ionian Initiative the Adriatic Ionian Initiative established in May 2000 through the "Ancona Declaration" (last accessed 17/02/2020).

PNRRUnification Conference, Agreement signed between Government, Regions, Autonomous Provinces and Local Authorities.


Voluntary Activities

The Third Sector Code (Legislative Decree 117/17) is the law that applies to youth volunteering (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The legislative decree 40/2017, the law that transforms "national" civil service into "universal" civil service (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The European program aimed at young people: European Solidarity Corps. (last accessed 17/02/2020).

CSV-Net- National association of voluntary service centers. Volunteer Charter of Values ​​(2001) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

CSV-Net- National association of voluntary service centers. Charter of representation ​​(2008) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Law 147/13 (2014 Stability Law). Provision of a pilot measure for the contingent of the Civil Peace Corps intended for the training and testing of young volunteers to be engaged in non-governmental peace actions in areas of conflict or at risk of conflict or in areas of environmental emergency both abroad and in Italy (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Legislative Decree 13/13. General rules of the services for the identification and validation of the validity of non-formal and informal learning and the minimum service standards of the national system of certification of skills. (last accessed 17/02/2020).


Employment & Entrepreneurship

Delegated Law 183/14 (the the reform of the Jobs Act) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Legislative Decree 150/2015. Law establishing the National Agency for Active Work Policies (ANPAL), to coordinate the network of services for the unemployed (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Piano "Garanzia per i giovani" (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Ministerial Decree June 28 2019. Adoption of the extraordinary plan to strengthen employment centers and active employment policies (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Annual plan for setting targets to reduce the average duration of unemployment, service times, the share of intermediation between job supply and demand (January 29, 2019) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Excelsior Information System. Managed by Unioncamere and ANPAL. Source of information on the labor market, included among the official surveys with response obligations foreseen by the National Statistical Program (SISTAN) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Law 92/2012 provisions on labor market reform in a growth perspective, with reference to art. 4 paragraph 58 (to paragraphs from 51 to 61 and from 64 to 68, relating to lifelong learning) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Legislative Decree 167/2011 the national law of the apprenticeship, with reference to Article 6 (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Legislative Decree 13/2013, definition of general rules and essential levels of services for the identification and validation of non-formal and informal learning and the minimum service standards of the national system of certification of competences, pursuant to Article 4, paragraphs 58 and 68, of the law of 28 June 2012, n. ninety two (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Law 4/2013, provisions concerning unorganized professions (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Interministerial Decree of 13 February 2013 transposing the State - Regions Agreement 252/2012 on referencing the Italian qualification system to EQF (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Legislative Decree 81/2015, organic regulation of employment contracts and revision of the legislation on duties, pursuant to article 1, paragraph 7, of the law of 10 December 2014, n. 183, with reference to Chapter V Apprenticeship (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Ministerial Decree 30 June 2015, definition of an operational framework for the recognition at the national level of regional qualifications and related competences, within the national Directory of education and training titles and professional qualifications referred to in Article 8 of the Legislative Decree 16 January 2013, n. 13 (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Agreement 86/2017, agreement between the Government, the Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano on the document entitled "Guidelines on the subject of training and orientation", pursuant to article 1, paragraphs 34 to 36 of the law June 28, 2012, n. ninety two (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Ministerial Decree of 8 January 2018, establishment of the National Qualifications Framework issued within the framework of the National System for the certification of competences pursuant to Legislative Decree 16 January 2013, No. 13 (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Interministerial decree concerning the definition of an operational framework for the recognition at national level of regional qualifications, 30 June 2015 (last accessed 17/02/2020).

National Industry 4.0 Plan (last accessed 17/02/2020).

State-Regions Conference Agreement, 24 September 2015. Introduction of the dual system in the school network (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Growth Decree (Legislative Decree April 30, 2019, No. 34 converted into law with amendments by Law June 28, 2019, No. 58) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Law 107/15 - Reform of the national education and training system and delegation for the reorganization of current legislative provisions (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Project "YES I Start Up". Initiative under the Youth Guarantee program. It is a path to train young people in self-employment through courses that transmit the skills necessary to build their business idea (last accessed 17/02/2020)..

Promotion of an entrepreneurship education course in State and Equality II degree schools in Italy and abroad, Ministry of Education - Ministry of University and Research (2018) (Promozione di un percorso di Educazione all'imprenditorialità nelle scuole di II grado Statali e Paritariein Italia e all'estero) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Spin - Scaleup program of the Invitalia network. Activity dedicated to the development of the business of innovative SMEs, innovative start-ups and university spin-offs with activities in Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily (last accessed 17/02/2020).


Social Inclusion

2018-20 National Social Plan (Piano sociale nazionale 2018-20) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Plan for interventions and social services to contrast poverty (Piano per gli interventi e i servizi sociali di contrasto alla povertà) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Law 33/2017 "Mandate containing rules concerning the contrast to poverty, the reorganization of services and the system of interventions and social services" (Delega recante norme relative al contrasto della povertà, al riordino delle prestazioni e al sistema degli interventi e dei servizi sociali) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Social Plan of the 2018-2020 three-year period (National Social Plan of the 2018-2020 three-year period). Attached to the decree of 26 November 2018 for the division of the National Social Policy Fund (FNPS) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Legislative Decree 15 September 2017, n. 147 "Provisions for the introduction of a national measure to contrast poverty" (Disposizioni per l’introduzione di una misura nazionale di contrasto alla povertà) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

First Home Mortgage Guarantee Fund (Fondo di Garanzia Mutui Prima Casa). It provides for the granting of first demand guarantees on mortgages for the purchase with restructuring interventions (last accessed 17/02/2020).


Decree of the President of the Republic 10 October 1996, n. 567. Regulation containing the discipline of complementary initiatives and supplementary activities in educational institutions. The law provides for the Provincial Student Council (Provincial Student Council, CPS) as an institutional body of student representation on a provincial basis (last accessed 17/02/2020).

CU-14/2019. Agreement of 13 February 2019 in the Unified Conference for the distribution of the National Fund for youth policies on the themes of promoting inclusive participation in the social and political way, also in order to allow young people to participate in the decision-making process and to be able to target policies aimed at a target audience (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Legislative Decree 297/94 which defines the roles of student representation at school level (last accessed 17/02/2020).

CM/Rec (2017) 4. Committee of Ministers of the European Council. Recommendations to member states about youth work (socio-educational animation) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Digital School Plan (law 107/2015), Ministry of Education, University and Research. Guide document for the launch of a global innovation strategy of the Italian school and for a new positioning of its educational system in the digital age (last accessed 17/02/2020). portal, (National Youth Council). It allows the involvement of young people at all levels of the EU dialogue process with young people through online consultation procedures (last accessed 17/02/2020).


Data and statistic

Youth Policy Governance

The #GIOVANI information system collects data on young people in the 15 to 34 age group (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Statistical analysis on the labor market, social security and social protection (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Analysis of Active Policies and methodology development, ANPAL (2018), (last accessed 17/02/2020).


Employment & Entrepreneurship

2019 Annual Report on the Performance of the Labor Market in Italy. Published by the National Statistical Institute, 2019 (ISTAT) (last accessed 17/02/2020).


Social Inclusion

"Poverty in Italy 2018", ISTAT. Statistical research on absolute and relative poverty, based on the survey on household consumption expenditure (last accessed 17/02/2020).

National Operational Program "Investments for growth and jobs" (Programma Operativo Nazionale "Investimenti in favore della crescita e dell'occupazione") (last accessed 17/02/2020).


Studies, reports and academic publications

Employment & Entrepreneurship

Trainee Manual: practical guide to extracurricular traineeship, INAPP (2014) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Joint annual report on active employment policies in Italy, ANPAL (2019) activities of ANPAL, Regions and autonomous Provinces that make up the Labor Policies Committee established by Decree of DG Anpal n. 428 of 21/12/2017 (last accessed 17/02/2020). 

Youth Assurance Assessment Report, ANPAL (2019). Results of the research activity carried out by ANPAL, as foreseen in the evaluation plan of the national Youth Employment Initiative Operational Program (last accessed 17/02/2020). 

Eighth Annual Report - Foreigners in the labor market in Italy (2018). Directorate General for Immigration and Integration Policies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies (last accessed 17/02/2020). 

Cedefop, (2016) Country report Italy update to the European inventory on validation of non-formal and informal learning (last accessed 17/02/2020). 


Official websites

Youth Policy Governance

Department for Youth Policies and the Universal Civic Service (last accessed 17/02/2020)

Universal civic service programme (last accessed 17/02/2020)

The National Association of the Italian Municipalities (Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani - ANCI) (last accessed 17/02/2020)

The Union of the Italian Provinces (Unione delle Provincie d’Italia - UPI) (last accessed 17/02/2020)

The National Statistics Institute (ISTAT) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Youth Agency (ANG) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Department for equal opportunities (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Department for anti-drug policies (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Department for family policies (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Office for sport (last accessed 17/02/2020). 

The Department for cohesion policies (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Department for information and publishing (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Ministry for education, universities, and research (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Ministry for labour and social policies (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Ministry for economic development (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Ministry of Health (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, and for Tourism (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Observatory on Childhood and Adolescence (Osservatorio Nazionale per l'Infanzia e l'Adolescenza) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

the National Center for Documentation and Analysis for children and adolescents (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Institute for the Analysis of Public Policies (Istituto Nazionale per l’Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche INAP) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Council of Economy and Labour (Consiglio Nazionale dell’Economia e del lavoro CNEL) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies (last accessed 17/02/2020).


Voluntary Activities

The National Observatory for Volunteering (l'Osservatorio Nazionale per il Volontariato) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

New ERASMUS + Program, for the period 2014-2020 (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Association of local information centers for young people (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Eurodesk Italia, the official network of the Erasmus + program for information on programs and initiatives promoted by European institutions for young people (last accessed 17/02/2020).


Employment & Entrepreneurship

The National Agency for Active Labor Policies (ANPAL) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Labor Inspectorate (INL) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Institute for the Analysis of Public Policies (INAPP) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National directory of education and training titles and professional qualifications (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National incentive directory - ANPAL (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Repertoire of the incentives  - ANPAL (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Citizenship income, Reddito di cittadinanza (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Progetto Equality for work and life - ANPAL (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Stage4eu website and app. Tools designed by ANPAL for university students and graduates who intend to acquire an internship experience in Europe, and to have information on the transnational mobility opportunities offered by the Erasmus + VET program (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Integration of migrants portal (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Unioncamere last accessed 17/02/2020).

Invitalia last accessed 17/02/2020).

AdEPP (last accessed 17/02/2020).

National body for microcredit (Ente nazionale per il microcredito) (last accessed 17/02/2020).

SELFIEmployment project (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Project "Resto al sud". Economic incentive that supports the creation of new entrepreneurial activities initiated by individuals under the age of 46 in the Southern regions of Italy (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The national association for young entrepreneurs, Associazione nazionale per la giovane imprenditoria (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs, Giovani imprenditori di Confindustria (last accessed 17/02/2020).

CNA-young-entrepreneurs, CNA-giovani-imprenditori (last accessed 17/02/2020).

National Young Farmers Association, Associazione nazionale giovani agricoltori (last accessed 17/02/2020).


Social Inclusion

Credit fund for young people. Established by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Youth for the social 2018, (Giovani per il Sociale 2018) an initiative that promotes social inclusion and personal growth, employability, activation, integration, inclusion and social innovation policies, in less developed regions (last accessed 17/02/2020).



The ddemocracy project (CW4D) planned for around 500 students from all regions of Italy (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Youth Council. Established with the law 30 December 2018, n. 145, art. 1 paragraphs 470 to 477), is the advisory body to which the representation of young people in relations with institutions is delegated (last accessed 17/02/2020).

The National Council of University Students (National Council of University Students, CNSU). Advisory body of the Ministry of University and Research, established with the D.P.R. December 2, 1997, n. 491 (last accessed 17/02/2020).

ANCI Giovani. The national council of young local administrators “under 35” in Italy (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Platform (MIUR). It proposes projects, competitions and didactic proposals to enrich the training offer (last accessed 17/02/2020).

Europe = Noi. Educational platform that offers teachers and students of all primary and secondary Italian schools a multimedia and interactive journey to discover European history, values, institutions and programs (last accessed 17/02/2020).