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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


4. Social Inclusion

4.5 Initiatives promoting social inclusion and raising awareness

On this page
  1. Intercultural awareness
  2. Young people's rights
  3. Key initiatives to safeguard democracy and prevent radicalisation leading to violent extremism

Intercultural awareness

The existing initiatives promoting intercultural dialogue also aim at raising intercultural awareness (see: 5.8 Raising political awareness among young people). I am not a refugee is a campaign launched in 2016. It aims at promoting intercultural awareness and understanding among young people. The campaign promotes social progress and cohesion by:

  • Re-humanising the discussions about 'refugees'
  • Allowing refugees to speak for themselves
  • Fighting the growing populism, fears, stereotypes and prejudices
  • Connecting residents and refugees.

Young refugees can share their stories on its website. Local residents have the opportunity to meet the refugees, contact them by mail, open their world to them, help them integrate, find work, a place to stay and support in their transition to life in a new country.

Young people's rights

The offers for political participation are important initiatives that promote young people’s rights (see: 5.3 Youth representation bodies and 5.4 Young people’s participation in policy-making).

An Ombudsman for children and youth was established in 2020 by law (the Ombudsman replaces the former Ombuds Committee for Children's Rights). The Ombudsman is in charge of publicizing the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Luxembourg and ensuring that it is respected.

The tasks of the Ombudsman are to:

  • Receive and investigate complaints of non-compliance with children's rights and to make recommendations to remedy the reported situation
  • Analyse the mechanisms put in place to protect and promote the rights of the child, and to make propositions to the competent bodies in order to ensure the protection of children's rights
  • Report cases of non-compliance with children's rights to the competent authorities and to propose solutions in order to improve the situation
  • Advise natural or legal persons on the implementation of children's rights
  • Raise children's awareness of their rights and the public's awareness of children's rights in general
  • Prepare opinions on draft laws, bills and grand-ducal regulations which could have an impact on children's rights
  • Prepare opinions, at the request of the Government or the Chamber of Deputies, on all matters relating to the rights of the child.

The Ombudsman is mainly funded by the ministry of Education, Children and Youth.

Key initiatives to safeguard democracy and prevent radicalisation leading to violent extremism

The Centre for Political Education (ZpB; Zentrum fir politesch Bildung) is an important provider of initiatives to safeguard democracy against and prevent radicalisation which leads to violent extremism (see: 5.8 Raising political awareness among young people).