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8. Creativity and Culture

8.7 Fostering the creative use of new technologies

Last update: 25 March 2024
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  1. New technologies in support of creativity and innovation
  2. Facilitating access to culture through new technologies

New technologies in support of creativity and innovation

No information is available on top-down policies or programme having as main purpose making new technologies readily available to empower young people's creativity and capacity for innovation.

Facilitating access to culture through new technologies

Policies/programmes/initiatives, their objectives and outcomes, and target groups and main lines of funding

A project implemented by the Project Management Unit of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, the 'Digital Library of Romania' aims to the digitalisation and online exposure of cultural products in all cultural institutions under the Ministry. The project is targeting the general public, not especially young people. The project is under implementation and its main outcome is the online platform ‘Culturalia’, that will allow online access to a large collection of art and books. The "Digital Library of Romania” is co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development and the national Romanian budget under the Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020.

The Programme Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism for 2009-2014, funded 45 very diverse large projects and 36 small projects starting with 2009. No data or statistic is available on the involvement of young people in these projects, but it is important to mention that the programme was not designed to target especially young people, but rather the cultural community (artis, actors etc.) and the general public. Among the projects financed within the programme, a small number have been implemented with the aim to facilitate the access to culture through new technologies. The project ‘Cultural Agora @ Your Library’ generated a digital library of storytelling in order to reflect history and culture, and community beliefs and values. Digital storytelling involves multiple disciplines, including literary and artistic skills, legal issues and information technology, giving libraries an opportunity to promote the knowledge surrounding these topics. Digital storytelling provides a way for the collective memory of communities to be shared.  Any library seen as a community space is able to facilitate the knowledge sharing using digital story, whose construction is a creative process that requires the use of imagination and develops communication skills. The expected overall result is to demonstrate the potential of the digital communications in order to revolutionize the sharing of knowledge, ideas and culture. Furthermore, the project will promoted the community involvement in digital storytelling, which will stimulate the sharing of some "universal" human experiences in order to reveal the individual's power to generate positive changes in society. The project actions will take place in Bucharest, Sibiu, Cluj, Brăila and Oslo.