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8. Creativity and Culture

8.7 Fostering the creative use of new technologies

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. New technologies in support of creativity and innovation
  2. Facilitating access to culture through new technologies

New technologies in support of creativity and innovation

In order to make new technologies available to young people, the computer games produced under the GENÇDES program are subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, thereby promoting the creativity of young people by means of the use of new technologies.

Furthermore, new technologies are introduced to young people with the interactive whiteboards used in the Turkish courses delivered in 50 centers of the Yunus Emre Institute across the world, Z book application and remote Turkish teaching portal accessible from any part of the world.

Facilitating access to culture through new technologies

In the National Library, Digital Library Portal service is provided through which users can access digital images of numerous printed contents such as 27,700 manuscripts, newspapers and magazines from the late Ottoman and early Republic periods, paintings of renowned painters, movie posters and portraits. Thus, researchers can access our rich historical background to use in the cultural and scientific studies from any point with an Internet connection, regardless of time and place.

In today’s world where information has gained new forms, new solutions are developed for presentation of information in parallel to the change in the sense of librarianship. With this understanding, the digital hall through which users can access rare works and a wide content of periodicals in the digital collection of the National Library by means of their tablets and laptop computers was launched in 2016. Users can download digital content by scanning the catalog over intranet.

Besides, phonograph records in the collection were transferred to the electronic environment and made accessible online for the citizens. Music lovers can access the content of approximately 5 thousand phonograph records in the National Library’s collection.