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EACEA National Policies Platform


1. Youth Policy Governance

1.3 National youth strategy

Last update: 25 July 2022
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  1. Existence of a National Youth Strategy
  2. Responsible authority for the implementation of the Youth Strategy
  3. Revisions/updates



Existence of a national youth strategy

In October 2014, the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted the third youth strategy of the Republic of Croatia entitled the National Youth Programme for the Period 2014-2017 (Nacionalni program za mlade 2014 – 2017).

Adoption of the Act on Strategic planning and Development Management System of the Republic of Croatia and accompanying documents established a legal framework for a comprehensive strategic planning system covering the national level and regional and local self-government. In addition, the situation resulting from the outbreak of COVID-19 has actualized the problems of young people that need to be addressed by creating new measures. Consequently, and recognising the problems faced by young people, as well as their great potential and the importance of public policies to young people, the Central State Office for Demography and Youth has launched a procedure for drafting a new National Programme for young people which will cover all important priority areas and measures of public policies for young people aimed at improving the conditions and quality of life of young people based on the current needs of young people.


Responsible authority for the implementation of the youth strategy

The Central State Office for Demography and Youth (Središnji državni ured za demografiju i mlade) is in charge of proposing and implementation of strategic documents, laws, acts, programmes and projects in the youth policy filed as well as their monitoring and evaluation.

For the implementation of measures concerning competencies, the main designated competent authorities are also:

New Government of the Republic of Croatia was formed in summer of 2020, after parliamentary elections in Croatia. Here are listed newly formed Ministries.

The National Youth Programme is not part of a general national development policy but is a separate strategy.



The new National Youth Programme 2022-2024 is in the drafting phase.