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EACEA National Policies Platform



Last update: 11 October 2020

Higher education student union - a student representative body which protects students’ interests, participates in the decision-making process within university bodies and represents students in higher education structures

National Youth Strategy - documents that lists activities of state administration bodies and public institutions that, through their scope and responsibilities, contribute to meeting the needs of young people and improving the quality of their lives for the purpose of their optimal social integration

Occupational training without commencing employment - on-the–job advancement at the employer's lasting for 12 or 24 months, covering health and retirement insurance and travel expenses by the employer, and salaries in the amount of HRK 2,620.80 covered by the Croatian Employment Service. This measure may be used by unemployed persons up to 30 years of age who have no more than 12 months of internships

Permanent seasonal worker - meassure aimed to financially support workers who are employed only during the season, and the second part of the year they are not employed.  Employer is financed with 100% of the expense of extended insurance for the first 3 months, and in the next period lasting for no more than 3 months 50% of the extended insurance.

Poverty - lack of material or financial assets

Public work - socially useful work initiated by the local community or civil society organizations

Social exclusion - a relatively permanent, multiply conditioned and multidimensional deprivation of an individual. Social exclusion involves more than a shortage of money or material goods, and in addition to the economic it includes social, cultural, political and other dimensions. It means that anti-exclusion policies presume a better access to institutions and other mechanisms of social integration.

Student school councils - bodies that represent interests of pupils, to resolve problems through participating in a real school or community life with the support of teachers, parents local community authorities and national school authorities

Volunteering - an investment of personal time, effort, knowledge and skills out of free will with which services and activities are executed for the well-being of another person or wider public, without existence of any conditions of providing a financial reward or seeking any other material benefit for volunteering accomplished

Youth Advisory Boards - advisory bodies of local and regional self-government units that promote and advocate the rights, needs and interests of young people at local and regional level.