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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


1. Youth Policy Governance

1.3 National Youth Strategy

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  1. Existence of a National Youth Strategy
  2. Scope and contents
  3. Responsible authority for the implementation of the Youth Strategy
  4. Revisions/updates

Existence of a National Youth Strategy

According to Article 4 of the Youth Act ( Закон за младежта ), the national youth policy shall be carried in line with a National Youth Strategy. The National Youth Strategy shall set out the long-term national goals and priorities for the youth in Bulgaria for a period of 10 years. The target group of the Strategy is the population between the age of 15 and the age 29. The institution responsible for the implementation, coordination and monitoring of the National Youth Strategy is the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS). The National Youth Strategy is integrated in the overall national development policy.

Scope and contents

The National Youth Strategy sets out the long-term goals and priorities of the state youth policy of the Republic of Bulgaria for a period of 10 years. The National Youth Strategy (2010-2020) was adopted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria in 2010 after it has been submitted by the Council of Ministers. The National Youth Strategy (2010-2020) is focused on the building and implementing of consistent and sustainable youth policy in Bulgaria based on the sectoral approach, inter-sectoral cooperation and co-management with the young people at a local, regional and national level. It provides an assessment of the situation for young people in Bulgaria and sets the objectives of the national youth policy devided into nine strategic aims including the following priorities:        

1. Encouraging economic activity and career development of young people;

2. Improving access to information and quality services;

3. Promoting a healthy lifestyle;

4. Prevention of social exclusion of disadvantaged young people;

5. Development of youth volunteering;

6. Increasing civic activity;

7. Development of young people in small settlements and rural areas;

8. Development of intercultural and international dialogue;

9. Increasing the role of young people in crime prevention.

Responsible authority for the implementation of the Youth Strategy

The Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports is the responsible authority for implementing the National Youth Strategy. The main goal is to implement an effective national youth policy that fosters the adequate personal development of young people and their participation in social and economic life, as well as their inclusion in the decision-making process.


A key working method in the Ministry is to involve young people and youth organizations in the processes of youth policy development, implementation and monitoring. To implement the national youth policies the Ministry works on the basis of the Youth Act and the 2010-2020 National Youth Strategy. With the current strategy expiring in 2020, the Ministry is currently drafting a new Strategy for the period 2021-2030. It uses innovative methods focused on the direct involvement of young people in the process, engaging them in a dialogue in order to identify together the most relevant priorities and objectives of the draft document. In February 2021 the draft document is under going interministerial procedure for approval of the draft document. The revisions from the sectorial ministeries have to be addressed before the document is finally officially approved by the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria.