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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


5. Participation

5.10 Current debates and reforms


On this page:

  1. Forthcoming policy developments 
  2. Ongoing debates 

Forthcoming policy developments 

After debates in 2016 on several amendments of the Youth Law, the Ministry of Youth and Sports drafted and proposed a new Youth Law, establishing consultative youth councils at the level of the county's county municipalities, the county councils and the Ministry of Youth and Sports with the purpose of an effective implementation of the youth policy. The bill has been approved by the Government and the first chamber of the Parliament (the Senate) and s currently under the debate of the decisional chamber of the Romanian Parliament (the Chamber of Deputies) and expected to be adopted in 2020.


The rules on citizens participation to decision making are one of the subjects of the forthcoming reform of the administrative procedure, through an administrative procedure code supported by an European funded project to be completed in 2020.


Ongoing debates 

Debates on electronic and internet voting are increasingly salient in Romania in 2020.