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10. Youth work

10.1 General context

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  1. Historical developments
  2. National definition or undertanding of Youth Work

Historical developments

Quality youth work is a prerequisite for ensuring the optimal development and practice of young people. Youth organisations, youth services and youth workers, together with relevant stakeholders, plan and implement activities and programmes that are relevant to the interests, needs and experiences of young  people In Bulgaria, the number of training handbooks on non-formal learning is limited and quite insufficient due to the early stage of development of the youth sector and youth work. The lack of a specific training framework in formal education for youth workers leads to inefficient use of the capacity of professionals working in the field. That is why the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria started a project entitled the Operational Program Development of Human Resources officially in the mid 2019. Till the end of the same year only the first phase of research is accomplished and there is still not official presentation of the project.The main objective is to improve the accessibility, effectiveness and quality of youth services by creating, implementing and validating quality standards and creating objective performance indicators, taking into account the final result for the young person who uses them. The project will develop standards for youth services ensuring equal levels of quality in delivering services that lead to real knowledge, skills and competences, and building an effective system for evaluation and quality control. By establishing long-term and unified organisation for the funding of youth services, the project will introduce flexible models of funding and evaluation of youth services. Validation of standards and their implementation in the legal framework regulating the services provided to young people aged between 15 and 29 and improving the processes of planning, management and updating of the youth policies. After the approval process with all stakeholders, the standards will be available to youth services.

National definition or undertanding of Youth Work

The legal definition of Youth Work in Bulgaria is part of the Youth act. It states that youth work is an organized activity or initiative which aims to present, protect and develop the interests and needs of the young people. The main principles on which youth work is based are: voluntary participation, tolerance, altruism, co-operation and networking, adaptability, responsibility and fun. Youth work takes place where the young people are, involving them in a dynamic, unusual and creative process. It is an interdisciplinary activity, which uses the methods of non-formal learning.