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4. Social Inclusion

4.2 Administration and Governance

Last update: 28 November 2023


The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy is a state institution which, based on the principles of the European social model with a focus on social solidarity, is called upon to create conditions for decent work, social realization and development, as well as adequate social protection for all Bulgarian citizens and for all citizens of another country located on the territory of Bulgaria.

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy manages, coordinates and controls the implementation of state policies on income and living standards, social security, unemployment protection and employment promotion, the labor market, labor migration and free movement of workers, safety and health at work, social investment, social protection, social inclusion, child and family support, demographic development, integration of people with disabilities, equal opportunities and antidiscrimination in accordance with the laws of the country and the Governing Program for the country adopted by the Government.

The activities are carried out independently or jointly with other state bodies and/or public organizations. 

A National Council on Social Inclusion Issues was established at the Council of Ministers to carry out coordination, cooperation and consultation in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the state policy in the field of social inclusion. Its main functions are to formulate proposals for drafting strategies, programs, action plans and other strategic documents, as well as delivering opinions on drafts of strategic documents in the field of social inclusion. The Chairman of the Council is the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, who manages its activity and represents the Council.


Cross-sectoral cooperation

In the National Strategy for Poverty Reduction and Promotion of Social Inclusion 2020, which is a key strategic document defining directions for development of the the policy of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in the field of social inclusion for reduction of poverty and promotion of social inclusion, with the main focus being the integration of different sectoral policies.