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10. Youth work

10.8 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 28 November 2023
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Forthcoming policy developments

As mentioned in section 10.1, a national working group on youth work was established by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in November 2021.  

Currently, the working group works on the design of definition of youth work, mapping of youth work at national level, code of ethics for youth work and national competence model for youth workers.

The tasks set by the national working group for 2023 are to put the definition of youth work in the Youth Act, to finalise the mapping of youth work at national level, to set up an inter-university working group for designing an inter-university master’s program and to finalize the code of ethics for youth work, to create a mechanism for its implementation and to establish a system for monitoring and assessment of the impact of the code of ethics and its relevant implementation mechanisms.

Furthermore, the National Program for Implementation of Youth Activities under article 10a of the Gambling Act (Национална програма за изпълнение на младежки дейности по чл. 10а от Закона за хазарта) for the period 2023-2025 is in process of approval. Youth work is in the focus of the new program in several key areas such as: youth activities and youth work, youth initiatives and campaigns, equal access to youth activities for young people in small towns and villages, improvement of the youth infrastructure conditions.

Ongoing debates

For the time being, there are no ongoing debates.