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4. Social Inclusion

4.4 Inclusive Programmes for Young People

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Programmes specific for vulnerable young people
  2. Funding
  3. Quality assurance

Programmes specific for vulnerable young people

General objective 2 Providing free access for disabled people and people with special educational needs to public service buildings designed for education by building an accessible architectural environment in accordance with the requirements of the Integration of People with Disabilities Act and Ordinance No. 4 of 01 July 2009 on the design, execution and maintenance of the constructions in accordance with the requirements for an accessible environment for the population, including for people with disabilities (Ordinance No. 4). Ensuring the lives, health and safety of students, teachers and staff in school buildings and adjacent areas and terrains.

Its main objective is to activate and include on the labor market inactive, including discouraged persons and young people up to 29 years of age (inclusive), who do not work, do not study and are not registered with the Labor Office Directorates and to the unemployed persons by means of individual and group application of attraction tools and services and motivating them to register with the Labor Office Directorates and encourage their inclusion in training, returning to the education system and/or employment. Motivation of unemployed persons of working age, subject to monthly social assistance, for work employment, by organizing their work under municipal programs for socially useful work.


Facilitating the access to quality services for special support of the full personal and social development of young people in accordance with their needs and interests.  

Creating a favorable, encouraging and supportive environment for quality professional realization of young people in Bulgaria.

The program was developed in accordance with the Physical Education and Sports Act, with the priorities, objectives and measures set out in section 19 "Youth and Sport" in the Governing Program of the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2017-2021. It is also in line with the goal and the main tasks of the National Strategy for Development of Physical Education and Sport in the Republic of Bulgaria 2012-2022.

The main objective of the Program is to support the social integration, adaptation and full realization in the public life of children at risk by creating conditions and opportunities for their inclusion in free sports activities in order to improve their quality of life, their physical and mental fitness.  

Program for the development of sport for people with disabilities for 2018

The Program was developed in pursuance of the Concept for Encouraging the Development of Sport for All - a basic document for realization of one of the priorities in the activity of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) and according to the requirements of the Law on Physical Education and Sport to Promote Sport for People with Disabilities. The aim of the Program is to create conditions and opportunities for supporting sports organizations and their activities for people with disabilities in order to overcome social exclusion, integration and their faster adaptation in society, with a focus on children and young people.  


National programs are funded by the state budget.

Quality assurance

 The main mechanisms in place to monitor and ensure the quality of the programs implemented is an obligation of the The National Audit Office. It is the public body to control the spending of public funds. In this number the funds for vulnerable young people described above.

The ministries responsible for the respective program carry out inspections, analyzes, prepare reports and statements based on direct relations and feedback between the persons and organizations concerned with the implementation of the programs, monitor and control the implementation of the financial, content and organizational part of the beneficiaries' projects with regard to the lawful and expedient use of the funds.