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2. Voluntary Activities

2.2 Administration and Governance of Youth Volunteering

Last update: 30 March 2021
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  1. Governance
  2. Cross-sectoral cooperation


There is no institution in Bulgaria dedicated exclusively to volunteering administration and management. Article 36 of the Закона за младежта Youth Act says that the central and local government shall promote youth volunteering through national and municipal youth programmes.

Cross-sectoral cooperation

There is no official mechanism for cross-sectoral cooperation dedicated exclusively to youth volunteering. In Bulgaria there is a National Alliance for Volunteer Action (NAVA)  established on 29 June 2000 as a public benefit organization. The mission of NAVA is to promote volunteer traditions in Bulgaria and to change the attitudes of the community towards voluntary work by organizing various initiatives involving maximum number of community members and promoting the values of volunteering.

NAVA Foundation is a member of several large networks, bringing together organizations working in the field of child and youth participation and civic activity, including the European Volunteer Center  (CEV) and Eurodesk .

As part of the National Youth Program (2016-2020) (Национална програма за младежта (2016-2020), a NAVA project for the development of a Youth Information Consulting Center (YICC) is financed at the amount of BGN 38 898.67. Тhe Youth Information Consulting Center started functioning in January 2017.