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Last update: 28 November 2023

Dardanelles Spirit: It expresses altruist resistance and victory of Turkish people in the Dardanelles Campaign.  It expresses altruistic and collective fighting power of the Turkish people in faced difficulties.

Historical Field: It expresses the historical field in Gallipoli where the naval and ground campaigns of Dardanelles took place.

Parent-Teacher Association: It means the association of no legal entity that is established within the body of schools in order to achieve integration between school and parents, ensure communication and cooperation between parents and the school, support activities improving the education and training, meet compulsory needs of the school and students without financial opportunities regarding education and training.

Performance Indicators: It means the indicators used to measure, monitor and assess the results of the activities that the public administrators carried out to reach their performance targets.

Performance Programme:  It means the programme that includes activities and projects to be carried out by the public administrations, their resource needs, performance targets and indicators.

Performance Target: It means the targets indicating performance levels aimed to be achieved by the public administrations within a fiscal year to reach to their strategic targets.

Strategic Plan: It means the plan that includes medium and long term goals of the public administrations, their main principles and policies, targets and priorities, performance criterion, methods to be followed to reach them and resource distribution.

Turkish Court of Accounts: The higher institution that audits state expenditures in Turkey and has legal jurisdiction.

Youth Projects Support Program of the Ministry of Youth and Sports: It is the grant program created by the Ministry of Youth and Sports for supporting personal and social development of the youth, giving chance to realise their potentials, increase their effective participation in all aspects of the social life through decision making and implementation processes, facilitating their access to youth and sports services and actualising their innovative ideas by taking the needs of the youth and youth groups’ needs.