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3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.10 Promotion of entrepreneurship culture

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  1. Special events and activities
  2. Networks and partnerships

Special events and activities


The role of Design Terminal

Besides being part of the curriculum presented in sub-chapter 3.8 Development of Entrepreneurial Competence, development of entrepreneurship appears in the programme of Design Terminal, as well. Their aim is 'to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to create new community spaces and to integrate international good practices in order that young and talented Hungarian entrepreneurs, who create high added value, can access the global market successfully. Design Terminal ensures mentoring, opportunities for international introduction and investor contacts for its partners'.

Start-up Campus

The network of Startup Campuses was a new initiative for fostering startup-creation. The programme targets university students and

'offers a solution to the most significant issue of local start-up ecosystems, the need for the recruitment of new start-ups. Beyond the continuous provision of recruits, the program is capable of preparing start-ups for investments with its support services.'

'The program, organized by Enterprise Hungary Nonprofit Ltd. (Enterprise Hungary Nonprofit Kft.), aims at developing innovative ideas into new enterprises and at accelerating local R&D products, services based on European knowledge transfer models and university incubation methodologies.'


Networks and partnerships


The above mentioned Startup Campus Programme in itself operates as a network. Besides having regular events in 7 cities in Hungary, in 2017 the Programme was promoted in roadshows in Berlin and London to provide the possibility for the selected start-ups to present their innovation to an international jury. In the near future local centres are planned to be established (Új központok segítik a hazai startup csapatokat) in these two cities. 

As for the NGO sector, FIVOSZ - Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary (Fiatal Vállalkozók Országos Szövetsége) - the organization focusing on young entrepreneurs –

'works together with several Hungarian, European and global organizations for moving forward the situation and conditions of young entrepreneurs, and organizes nearly 200 events per year all over Hungary.'