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4. Social Inclusion

4.4 Inclusive programmes for young people

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Programmes for vulnerable young people
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Programmes for vulnerable young people

Programmes for vulnerable young people

No actual national programmes aimed solely at social inclusion of young people currently exist in the Slovak Republic. In 2015- 2020, there were several national projects implemented contributing to social inclusion. Projects were targeted at various groups including children and young people.   

1. National project 'School open to all' (Škola otvorená všetkým)

  • in 2017 -2019
  • implemented by Institution for Teachers´ Education and Training;
  • project took place in all regions and was based on close co-operation with kindergartens and primary schools with at least 20% of Roma pupils;
  • the aim: support of inclusive environments in primary schools and kindergartens;
  • activities: acceleration programmes for Roma children personal development of stimulation, inclusive teams dealing with improvement of inclusive school environments established at primary schools, afterschool activities open for children with disadvantaged backgrounds, Roma parents involved into some afterschool activities as mentors etc.
  • targets: 130 primary schools, 50 kindergartens, approx. 2500 Roma children /socially disadvantaged background;  
  • The total financial volume: approx. 29 800 000 EUR (OP Human Resources, ESF).

2. National projects from 'Take Away Package' represent specific type of national projects and are implemented by the Office of Government Plenipotentiary for Roma Communities. These projects ensure a complex approach to social inclusion in the field of education, field social work and community work. Marginalised Roma communities, including youth, represent the essential target groups of these projects. Projects are implemented in specifically selected 150 towns and villages in Slovakia.

2.1. National project 'Support of Inclusive Preschool Education of Marginalized Roma Children I.' (Podpora predprimárneho vzdelávania detí z marginalizovaných rómskych komunít I.

  • in 2017 -2020;
  • the aim: support of inclusive environments in kindergartens;
  • activities: acceleration programmes stimulating personal development of Roma children, inclusive teams improving of inclusive kindergartens ‘environments, Roma parents and their children groups outside kindergartens etc.;
  • targets: 150 kindergartens, approx. 3000 Roma children; 
  • total financial volume: approx. 19 900 000 EUR (OP Human Resources, ESF).

2.2. National project 'Community centres in Towns and Villages with Marginalised Roma Communities I. ' (Komunitné centrá v mestách a obciach s prítomnosťou MRK I.

  • in 2016 -2019;
  • the aim: to support social inclusion and positive changes in municipalities through support of community centres and development of community work;
  • activities for children and young people: preschool clubs; assistance in preparing for school and teaching; preventive activities; hobby groups, activities to support of employment  or other services leading to employment etc.;
  • targets: 150 centres;
  • total financial volume: approx. 18 600 000 EUR (OP Human Resources, ESF).

2.3. National project 'Field social work at municipalities I' (Terénna sociálna práca a terénna práca v obciach s prítomnosťou marginalizovaných rómskych komunít I.) 

  • in 2016 – 2019;
  • the aim: to support financial literacy, employability and employment of marginalized communities, especially Roma;.
  • activities: personal support on the way to integration (e.g. looking for job, help with using other services and support measures  etc.);
  • targets: Roma/socially disadvantaged citizens of  150 towns and villages;
  • total financial volume: approx. 26 500 000 EUR (OP Human Resources, ESF).

3. National project 'Support of the Selected Social Services of Crisis Intervention on the Community Level'  (Podpora vybraných sociálnych služieb krízovej intervencie na komunitnej úrovni

  • in 2015 -2019 by the Implementation Agency of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic;
  • targeted at marginalised Roma communities and the major part of project activities involves children and young people – mostly through organisation of various programmes aimed at their preparation for school and support of their personal development;
  • aim: to improve the situation of the socially excluded groups or those threatened with social exclusion through the support of professionalization of the selected social services of crisis intervention at local level (Community centres, low-threshold daily centres, low-threshold social services for children and family).
  • activities: social and personal services;
  • targets: approx. 980 young people
  • total financial volume: approx. 20 915 000 EUR  (OP Human Resources, ESF).

4. National project 'Quality of Social Services' (Kvalita sociálnych služieb)

  • 2019 – 2023 [implemented by the Implementation Agency of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic;
  • aim: support the social inclusion of vulnerable target groups through the provision of quality social services;
  • targets: approx.. 1000 new and innovative social services for disadvantaged groups (including young people);
  • total financial volume: approx. 3 700 000 EUR  (OP Human Resources, ESF).

5. National project 'From standardization of the consulting system and prevention to inclusion and success in the labor market' (Štandardizáciou systému poradenstva a prevencie k inklúzii a úspešnosti na trhu práce)

  • 2019 – 2023 implemented by the Implementation Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic;
  • aim: contribute to the quality of processes in a multidisciplinary approach to the child and his family through the system of educational counseling and prevention
  • targets: 1718 trained pedagogical and professional school employees in the following topics: social-psychological training, education in therapy, supervision of counseling activities and career counseling
  • total financial volume: approx. 18 107 672,80  EUR  (OP Human Resources, ESF).


All above mentioned projects and programmes were financed by the European Social Funds and by national contribution from the State Budget.  

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is based on ESF rules and accepted methodologies.