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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.2 National youth law

Last update: 7 January 2021

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  1. Existence of a National Youth Law
  2. Scope and contents
  3. Revisions/updates

Existence of a National Youth Law

There is not a national youth law made by the General Government Administration. However, there are laws about youth in 12 of the 17 Autonomous Regions, as follows:

1) Law 8/2002 (Ley 8/2002, de 27 de noviembre de 2002), related to Youth from the Madrid Autonomous Region. 

2) Law 11/2002 (Ley 11/2002, de 10 de julio de 2002), related to Youth from the Castile and Leon Region.

3) Law 7/2005 (Ley 7/2005, de 30 de junio de 2005), related to Youth from the Rioja Autonomous Region.

4) Law 10/2006 (Ley 10/2006, de 26 de julio de 2006), related to Youth from the Baleary Islands Autonomous Region.

5) Law 6/2007 (Ley 6/2007, de 4 de abril de 2007), related to Youth from the Murcia Autonomous Region.

6) Law 7/2007 (Ley 7/2007, de 13 de abril de 2007), related to Youth from the Canary Islands Autonomous Region.

7) Law 33/2010 (Ley 33/2010, de 1 de octubre de 2010), related to Youth policies from Catalonia.

8) Statutory law 11/2011 (Ley Foral 11/2011, de 1 de abril de 2011), related to Youth from the Navarra Statutory Autonomous Region.

9) Law 6/2012 (Ley 6/2012, de 19 de junio de 2012), related to Youth from the Galicia Autonomous Region.

10) Law 6/2015 (Ley 6/2015, de 25 de marzo de 2015), related to Youth from the Aragon Autonomous Region.

11) Law 15/2017 (Ley 15/2017, de 10 de noviembre de 2017), related to Integral Youth Policies from the Valencia Autonomous Region.

12) Law 06/2019 ( Ley 6/2019, de 29 de marzo de 2019), related to Youth Participation and Promotion from the Asturias Autonomous Region.

Although the Basque Country has not yet approved a Youth Law it has already proposed a Draft Bill on 2018.

13) Draft Bill for a Basque Country Youth Law (Propuesta de Anteproyecto de Ley Vasca de Juventud 2018)

Scope and contents

Even though there is not a Youth Comprehensive Law, from the General Government Administration, the different laws of the eleven cited Autonomous Regions can be examined in general terms of scope and contents with one example, due to the similarities between the youth laws of the different Autonomous Regions.

The Law 11/2002 related to Youth from the Castile and Leon Region sets the scope in the following topics: employment, housing, education, social services, sports, health, consume, environment, agricultural medium and society of information. The aim of the law is to promote the training and information of the youth, the cultural promotion, the leisure activities, youth tourism, juvenile premises and the youth card. It also tackles the legislative aspects of the associative world and the financing features of the services and activities provided by the Regional Government.


There is not a Comprehensive Youth Law as such, and therefore there have been no revisions of the same.