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3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3.9 Start-up funding for young entrepreneurs

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Access to information
  2. Access to capital

Access to information

The General Secretariat of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, belonging to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, has a search engine for aid and incentives for the creation of companies (buscador de ayudas e incentivos a la creación de empresas). Thereby, the National Innovation Enterprise (Empresa Nacional de Innovación, ENISA) informs about funding lines for young entrepreneurs within the innovation sectors, application requirements and funding terms.

The Business Information and Network Creation Centre (Centro de Información y Red decreación de empresas (CIRCE)) establishes the Helpdesks for Entrepreneurs (Puntos deAtención al Emprendedor, PAE), with the purpose of informing, advising and setting-up the administrative procedure for the business creation.


Access to capital

The Action Plan 22-24 of the Youth Strategy 2030 includes the "annual call for the National Youth Entrepreneurship Competition for innovative and viable projects”, which is managed by the Spanish Youth Institute.

The Youth Guarantee + 2021-2027 Plan also includes entrepreneurship programmes with microcredits. Through this, people who cannot access ordinary credit will be able to obtain financing without collateral. In addition, the beneficiaries will receive guidance and counselling support after receiving the loan.

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has an online space where you can find the different incentives and aid aimed at entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

Within the regional scope there are many financial aid programmes for young entrepreneurs: